Spotlight- Influencer & Networks Marketing (A Growth Division sub-department)

Nestled under our Growth Division, our influencer & networks department focuses on the concept of 1:1:Many (one to one to many). Most know this as social media influencers who have established credibility and authenticity with their following that allows them to influence or persuade their following to change a type of behavior. But allow me to explain a bit further. If I send you a marketing email, that is a form of 1:1 communication – one marketing message targeted to and hitting the inbox of a single individual. But how do I get either that single individual, or anyone for that matter, to take my marketing message and tell their friends, family, network, etc., about it? That effectively would be going from 1:1:Many – or the crux of what we’re after in marketing amplification and marketing performance tactics.

The objectives of our influencer & networks department is to effectively reach a desired target market, to build a greater sense of credibility and trust within the industry, and to strengthen brand awareness.

Our goal is to strengthen and amplify our brand within the social media marketplace through impactful influencer campaigns and collaborations with our highest valued members to successfully establish top-of-mind awareness and strong member loyalty within our organization’s ecosystem.