Spotlight- Growth Strategy Division

Our Growth Division is the “amplifier” of our core Activation Strategy. By extending our marketing communications to on-the ground experiences, education and sharing across community networks, and building relationships with influencers, we create a true multi-touch approach that reinforces our message and builds affinity and unity across our member base.

The core strategic components of the growth group are Social Media, Local Activations, Gamification, Digital Communities, Influencer & Networks.

  • Social Media: Engage with our members on the platforms they utilize most with unique and impactful content

  • Local Activation: Curate impactful experiences to facilitate a meaningful connection with our members

  • Gamification: Challenge our members to develop habits leading to brand affinity, loyalty and desired actions

  • Digital Communities: Grow and sustain interactive communities that provide a unique and inclusive member experience

  • Influencer & Networks: Strengthen and amplify our organization within the social media marketplace through impactful influencer campaigns