Spartanburg Beast - Double Trifecta Acquired

Aroo! And with that, I obtain my 2018 Double Trifecta (completing two full cycles of 3 different race types – Sprint, Super, Beast) and bring my 2018 OCR racing schedule to a close. Along for the ride was my sweet girlfriend who obtained her first Trifecta of the year!

The course we ran through over the past weekend is considered to be one of the “easier” 15mile obstacles courses, but running through that much terrain and through 30+ obstacles is a tough racket for just about anyone. I had flirted for a time with attempting two loops of the course for 30+ miles and 60+ obstacles to obtain a coveted Ultra status and being awarded a cool looking belt buckle of a medal (no kidding, the medal is actually a belt buckle you can wear around and glows in the dark haha). I think I could have pulled it off, but my first attempt at an Ultra will have to wait until April 2019 when I take on the mountains out on the east coast.

Heck of a day, and heck of a season. Proud of my 2018 that introduced me to the world of OCR for the first time, and proud of my girlfriend who decided to come along and join me for much of the journey this year and for her completing her own Trifecta in the process.