A Note on Delivering Hard News and Moving Forward

A few thoughts on delivering hard news or having to let someone go.

  • When delivering hard news, be both respectful of the individual and honest. I’m a huge proponent of clear communication, even if that feels like the more difficult route. You show respect for the person you’re engaging with and I think they end up respecting you more for doing it that way.

  • It’s easy to mope and be down, but you still have to lead and move forward – God only knows how sad and heart-broken I am inside, but as a leader you need to keep moving forward for the team still around you, and you need to rally the troops and continue to march forward.

  • Be honest and make time for those still with you. Survivor guilt is a very real thing. You should allow your team a forum or opportunity to talk about how they’re feeling and address it. That said, the team that’s still here has a large amount of responsibility and tremendous opportunity in front of it. They’re important and they need you to tell them that so they know it. 

Delivering hard or bad news is never fun. Respect those around you by being honest and as communicative as possible. You’ll get through it, so will they.