1 Year Out of Sports... My Reflection Back

A year ago today I put in my 2-weeks’ notice at Monumental Sports. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, and I wondered greatly whether or not I was making 1) the right decision, and 2) how I would feel leaving the sports industry.

To the first point, hands-down the right decision, no doubt about it. The opportunity to challenge myself and grow at my current organization is unparalleled. From pioneering marketing frameworks to building three separate divisions from scratch with some of the best talent I have ever had the good fortune to be around, has been incredible.

To the second point, do I miss working in sport? The answer is somewhat more complicated. Would I work in sport again? Absolutely. There are certain aspects I miss – the comradery, sexiness to the product you were marketing and working for, the behind-the-scenes access, and all working towards winning a championship together. There are other aspects I don’t. Salary was horrific, and I mean horrific compared to what the open market would pay, the talent was at times hit-or-miss, and the politics of what is still, in areas, an old boys club.

Again, I would certainly be open to jumping back into sports at some point down the road if the opportunity was right, but I must admit I am surprised that I don’t miss the industry more. I feel fortunate in many respects to have come out of it, as I’ve been exposed to a much broader landscape of opportunities, opportunities which I now find just as exciting and “sexy” as working in sports.

I still have many moments of missing aspects of having worked at a sports team, but also feel incredibly fortunate to have been given an opportunity to broaden my horizon and skillset.