1 Year In Somewhere New - Acceleration of Learning and Building Galore

I can’t believe it’s been a year at my "new" job already. It feels like I just left Monumental Sports a few weeks ago – wow how time flies. Incredible to think how much has happened over the last 12 months or so. Holy moly, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup -- thrilled for the organization and my friends still at the organization. Beyond that, at my “new” jobI have been pushed harder and further than I thought possible. With that, I feel fortunate to have learned and developed at a rate I did not think possible. Part of this is due to an incredible amount of responsibility and oversight, part of this is due to the opportunity to build an entire department from scratch, and part of this is due to the pace in which our group has been forced to iterate and develop strategies that are both adaptive and agile to the business environment around us.

Some notable highlights:

  • Built a full stack marketing strategy team from scratch

  • Capitals win Stanley Cup

  • Pioneered a marketing strategy framework - AER

  • Developed machine learning marketing automation programming – AER 1.X

  • Hitting over 100k partner connections for a single partner in less than 6months and obliterating our 2-year goal