Welcome to my blog

I'm on the left in the green t-shirt

I'm on the left in the green t-shirt

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am a current second year MBA student at Duke University's, The Fuqua School of Business. I came back to school in order to pursue a career in sports. In the summer of 2012 I had the opportunity to work for the NHL's Washington Capitals marketing department. My experience there cemented my desire to remain in the industry once I returned to finish my second year at Duke. Upon returning, I decided to "cast my net wide" so-to-speak and make a concerted effort to learn as much as I possibly could about different parts of the industry.

Over the last seven months I have learned more than I could imagine about different parts of the industry through informational talks with industry professionals and reading everything I can get my hands on. Since returning from my summer with the Capitals, I have been fortunate enough to be given an opportunity to intern with Wasserman Media Group in their consulting department - specifically in their multicultural division. Needless to say, my first two opportunities in the industry have been with two incredible organizations with incredible mentors. I can only hope my good luck continues.

I decided to create this blog for a number of reasons:

1) To have a space to document my "adventures" and thoughts as I navigate the industry and try to secure a permanent position in the industry.

2) To share interesting tid bits that I pick-up as I talk to industry professionals which hopefully in turn sparks conversation and ideas.

3) To have something to look back on in a month, year, decade, etc that will not only detail my experiences, but that will also serve as a reminder of the path I took throughout my time as a student and professional in the industry.

4) Finally, to hopefully provide guidance to anyone that also wants to pursue a career in sports. Whether that ends up being lessons on best practices, or lessons on what "not to do" is still unclear. I'm not an experts (yet), but I'm passionate about breaking into the industry full-time. I don't know where I'll be in six months, or a year, but we hope that the documentation of our journey and thoughts along the way are helpful to someone. Who knows, maybe I'll be the CMO of a team one day... or the biggest geek who reports to a CMO (much much more likely).

Either way, I hope we can share some laughs, tears, and insights as I press forward with you.


Alex Kerr