S&R Goal #2 Complete: Reporting

I recently wrote a post that speaks to a new and greater opportunity at my organization that I have been presented with that offers a set of unique challenges. Within this post I outlined three major goals I was seeking to solve or fix this season. Earlier we solved the first of the three major goals which you can read about here. Recently, we solved the second.

Step 2 - Set-up Reporting

How are our assets performing and which ones provide us with future opportunities to take advantage of? Proof of play and valuation reporting has been done, but it’s been on an ad-hoc basis. Pulling an end of year report on a particular client across all of their contracted assets can literally take an entire day. Pulling for several clients could literally take a week of focused effort. The data exists, but getting to it is inefficient and no real foundation exists to allow the process to be replicated efficiently. So far it’s also pretty clear that we’ll have to solve Step 1 before we can get to Step 2.

What was the issue?

A phrase I have probably uttered more than some of my colleagues care to recall is “If we can’t report on it, it’s as though it didn’t exist.” In some instances we weren’t able to report to the depth in which we wanted to. More so was the inefficiency involved in getting data reported. Simple data reporting and recaps took hours to compile and make presentable. Reporting on trends and being able to developed strategy based on data analysis was nearly impossible in some instances.

How did we solve it?

Blunt force… in many ways that’s not far from the truth. We had a lot of data combined with many moving parts. Nothing in and of itself was impossible to solve – it came down to being incredibly organized and diligently chipping away at it.

Fortunately for us, we never lost sight of what the end goal was. As it typically goes during the season, many fires came up that had to be put out in other areas and it was easy to get sidetracked and have to turn focus towards other projects temporarily. But over time through great dedication to working towards installing solutions that would set us up for inevitable success, we got there.