Spotlight- Social Media (A Growth Division Sub-Department)

Social media, sitting front and center within our Growth Division, is a channel that has undergone many changes over the last several months. Of all the sub-departments within our Growth Division, social is probably the best known, so I won’t drone on about how it works. What is new, is the department’s alignment under our group’s purview.

 The objective of our social team is to be nimble and agile when it comes to distributing content, and to grow their existing following. This has been easier said than done, and my hope now that we’ve aligned the group under our Growth Division is that we’re able to streamline our processes and start producing consistent content that is timely (i.e. a measure of our ability to be nimble and agile) and start building our following by correctly leveraging our other channels (i.e. email, mobile push, additional amplification channels, etc.) and directing both content and members towards them.