Riding an Iron Horse

"Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul."


I wish it were simple explaining what it's like to ride a motorcycle to someone who has never been on one. The quote at the top of the page comes pretty close in my opinion. I do however want to share something with you that I share with just about everyone I talk to about motorcycles - especially those who want to start riding.

If you ever decide to start riding a motorcycle, the best money you will ever spend is on taking a safety course before you even sit on a bike (they usually provide you a helmet during any riding tutorials). Some courses are free while others can run a few hundred dollars for multiple day safety riding sessions. Either way, I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand how to fully operate a motorcycle in order to ride safely in any situation that presents itself. Also, I always try to be safe when on my bike by always gearing up before going on a ride (helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, and long-pants) and you should too.

After the safety course, a full-faced helmet is your next purchase.

The summer of 2007 was a summer to remember. I found myself back in Chicago between my junior and senior year in college working for my mother's company. It was also the summer I accidentally discovered my father had owned a motorcycle in his younger years.

My mind was set and I saved every penny I could between working at my mothers company and busing tables at a local restaurant. At the end of summer I spent everything I had earned to the last penny on my first motorcycle - a used 1997 600cc Honda Shadow. 

After several years on the back of my Honda, I decided that I needed what every young motorcycle rider has wanted at some point - more power.

My reasons for a larger engine revolved mostly around the fact that I wanted to be able to get on the highway and not have my motorcycle violently shaking at anything over 65mph. I also wanted something classic but with a modern twist that looked like nothing else on the road.

Enter the Harley Davidson 1250cc Night Rod Special, or as I call her, "Rogue". She is the love of my life on wheels.

Although taking a motorcycle out on a beautiful fall day through a winding valley is nothing short of breathtaking, you have to be aware that the vast majority of accidents happen to riders who weren't at fault - it's all the vehicles and hazards around you. Gear up and set yourself up for the safest ride possible.