Leaving Stability - Initial Thoughts on the Move

I’m 2 months into the new gig. For those of you just catching-up, this move has taken me into an uncertain future with one hell of a challenge. Uncertain because the situation I’m coming into is a tall order minced with plenty of uncertainty – build a marketing strategy department from scratch, and get the business running in the right direction, and get it ready for a variety of scenarios, including a potential split from its parent company.

So how is it going so far?

So far I couldn’t ask for more. At my core I love a challenge, and so far I’m getting it. The biggest challenge in front of us at the moment is getting the group working operationally and efficiently. I’ve inherited a number of directors and managers from around the organization, all with their own diverse skillsets and backgrounds. As such, the need to match skillsets with operational needs and balancing that with pushing members of the team into new domains can be challenging. Beyond getting the team running efficiently, decoding a massive large organization and how to cut through bureaucratic red tape offers its own set of challenges.

All speed ahead.