3 Years In

The original premise for this blog was to keep track of my journey into the world of sports. Overtime it has naturally moved into other spaces – it’s my website, I’ll do what I want with it. However, in honor of my 3 year work anniversary this past week, I thought it made sense to continue the annual tradition of major lessons learned along the way. Since it’s my 3 year anniversary, I’ll talk about 3 lessons.

Be Adaptable
This could probably qualify more as a life lesson than anything else, but of course applies to your job. The reason so many people end up becoming replaceable over time generally has something to do with not having adapted to their surroundings and environment. You see this all the time with businesses, and unfortunately even more so with personnel. Another unfortunate side-effect are those in stable positions who do not adapt to new environments, and thus create a world of inefficiency as a result. Being adaptable means a lot of things – technology might change, best practices might change, your job responsibilities could change, etc. Be the person who adapts – those are personnel that are highly valued and difficult to replace.

Your Attitude Drives Your Success
It’s nearly impossible to have a great and positive attitude about everything you do in life, including work. Crappy things are bound to happen at some point or another. You’re not always going to remain positive, but you should try to see the positives that are presenting themselves – there’s almost always a few of them. You might not always like what you have to do, but

Show Gratitude
Again, probably more a life lesson than anything else, but don’t forget to say please and thank you. Let people know you appreciate them and what they do. It goes a lot further than one might think.

Still going strong 3 years in!