We ran into Fuqua Alum '88 and Apple CEO Tim Cook during one of our filmings...

We ran into Fuqua Alum '88 and Apple CEO Tim Cook during one of our filmings...


While pursuing my MBA, I joined and eventually became a co-president of a club that was one of best experiences of my life - FuquaVision. Maybe it's the entertainer in me, but sketch comedy has been something that I have been passionate about since my first video camera that I got for Christmas in middle-school. Although the first few videos were intended to be serious portrayals of music videos (they generated non-stop laughter), I stumbled across one of my greatest passions in life - making people laugh. Regardless of where the passion started, I have to believe that I was one of the only people to date to write about joining and eventually becoming the president a sketch comedy club in my admissions essays - How am I a leader of consequence? Let me tell you about my Chumbawamba music video....

Whether it was because of, or more likely in spite of said admissions essay, here's a great description I came across of what FuquaVision is:

"Started in 1991, FuquaVision is a popular sketch comedy show produced each term at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business by the school’s students. Although FuquaVision is based on life at the school, the show’s humor is designed to appeal to a general audience, and the production airs both on the university television station and online. The show is described on its Web site as “part Saturday Night Live, part video yearbook.” On the Fuqua Daytime MBA Student Blog, one of the club’s 2012 co-presidents says she was drawn in by “FuquaVision’s ability to really tap into your creativity and create something substantial,” adding, “I think that’s what entices a majority of our members—they have a humorous idea that they want to share with our peers and before they know it, they’re immersed in the world of FuquaVision.” Open pitch sessions are held at the beginning of each term in which all students of the Daytime MBA program are encouraged to participate and produce skits." - mbaMission.com

Kerrveball Studios

Kerrveball Studios is the entity under which I operated while producing sketch comedy before and now after my stint as a FuquaVision co-president. Although my time with FuquaVision only increased the production value of my final content, the mission has always been the same - make people laugh at clever but tasteful content. 

I think it's vital to work and collaborate with things that you're passionate about. Whether that is during or outside of work, I've found that pushing yourself to keep up with the things that matter most to you is a great way to live a full and happy life. Personally it's very difficult for me to listen to a catchy song or listen to a joke and not start thinking about clever ways in which I can transform my ideas to a visible form to get someone to laugh. As such, I try to spend what little spare time that I do have committed to still writing and producing sketch comedy shorts for those around me to enjoy.

To borrow from an old adage, "Got a great skit idea? Great, write a script."