I help save organizations from their competitors and from themselves. 

Every organization has data. What organizations do with their data however, varies greatly. Most don’t do very much with it. Others use it for 30,000 foot views. Very few actually leverage their data sources to achieve their full capabilities. With a mind for data and a keen sense of how disparate data sources relate to one another, this is where I step in as a marketer, strategist, and business intelligence leader. I help direct organizations to connect and leverage their data so that they are empowered to take impactful action.

When it comes to managing teams, my approach is simple and straightforward: I strive to be the kind of leader I’d want to work for. I view my role as both a coach and as a mentor. Part of my responsibility is to empower my groups to do their best work by eliminating road blocks and building operational efficiencies that allow them to solve problems in their own way. I strive to create these relationships based on a foundation rooted in trust and loyalty.

Currently, I am the Head of Marketing Strategy, Growth Hacking, Brand, and Intelligence at Shop Your Way, where I have been developing high-quality strategies that lead to meaningful long-term change. I have done this by helping my organization analyze and leverage its data.

My specialties include marketing strategy, growth hacking, brand development, and business intelligence.