I was born and raised in the northern suburbs outside of Chicago, Illinois. As long as I can remember, I have been a sports and mathematics fanatic. 

After high-school I attended a small liberal arts school in Ohio. Kenyon College is nestled in a picturesque hill in the middle of rural Ohio. At Kenyon I discovered my passion for business and behavioral psychology while pursuing a major in economics.

After college I returned home to Chicago where I worked for several years at a financial firm and eventually a non-profit organization. These opportunities allowed me to use my major and leverage my skillset in data analysis. After some realizations during my time in the real-world, I made the decision to study for the GMAT and return to school again to pursue my MBA.

My decision where to get my MBA was driven by several factors. When I considered the world around me, I thought much about globalization and the factors one would need to thrive in such an ever changing environment. The world as we know it continues to become further connected and more reliant on relationships between businesses and individuals. As such, it was imperative to me to find a program that was not only globally oriented, but a program that lived and breathed taking a team-oriented approach to problem solving. With emphasis on these factors and a handful of others, my search for such a place ended when I visited Duke University's, The Fuqua School of Business.

After graduate school I moved to Washington, DC where I worked in the sports industry as a director of strategy. After a half decade in the Capital City, I returned to Chicago to oversee all marketing strategy for a Fortune 150 company. 

My approach to creating impactful business strategies is generally a blend of both quantitative and qualitative methods. My approach to structuring teams is to create an environment which allows for both personal and professional growth through great trust and communication between members. Our goal is to install best practices and lay the groundwork that creates a clear and replicable path for success that anyone can follow. This leads to short-term victories and long-term prosperity.